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Tay Ninh tourism development associated with preserving and promoting the historical value

May 23, 2013
Tay Ninh tourism development associated with preserving and promoting the historical value
Tay Ninh province borders the Southeast, is the focal point and the gateway to important road southwest of the country.

Tay Ninh province is transitional between the mountains and the Central Highlands to the Mekong Delta, and is located between the city bridge. Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh (Cambodia), the TP. Ho Chi Minh City 99 km to the northwest, Cambodia to the border 40 km to the east.

Tay Ninh ancient Land of Water Chenla, meaning “bell”, only dense forests, wild animals and indigenous peoples live. However, after the Vietnamese settlers came here, settled, this land is becoming more civilized and prosperous.

Due to its favorable geographical location, so many jungles of Tay Ninh has been selected to build the base of the southern revolution in two wars against the French and Americans. Currently this place is still kept many revolutionary relics, typically Pursuant Central South Bureau, the National Front liberated the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam … Besides, Tay Ninh There are many cultural relics values ​​such as Cao Dai temple – religious buildings of the famous Cao Dai, Binh Thanh tower – typical architecture of Cham culture … can be seen, relics cultural history is very rich in Tay Ninh. Currently the province has 81 cultural relics, historical ranking, which is ranked 23 monuments and 58 national monuments provincial ranking.

In recent years, visitors to the very east of Tay Ninh, an annual average of more than 3 million visitors, most of them come to visit, study the historical and cultural.

To attract tourists to Tay Ninh growing as well as promote economic – social and cultural – tourism development in the province, Xining soon embark on conservation of historical monuments. Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Tay Ninh Province has advised many proposals for this work as: “Decentralisation, social, cultural relics management”, “conservation solutions, promote the archaeological ruins at Tay Ninh. ” During the implementation process, through the implementation of flexible forms of state and people do, Tay Ninh has strongly promoted the role of all organizations and individuals in the preservation, restoration and promotion of the value cultural values.

From 2008 to date, in addition to the higher level of funding, the province has invested more than 2.4 billion to repair and create many cultural relics and historical. In that particular historical Pursuant Central South Bureau. At this point, the system architecture dormitories, guest houses, edible identical reconstruction in war-time, the welcome home newly constructed spacious, sound system, lighting is arranged logically for sightseeing activities, exhibitions, conferences, oil wooded area (area 4 ha) were planted to recreate the landscape in the Central Office based Southern ago. As of May 4/2013, 100% of the historical sites in the province were localized protection.

Also, Tay Ninh also recovered and held the traditional cultural festivals to affirm the beauty of festivals and cultural value of the monuments such as Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival, the festival of sources in Apartment South Central Committee itself, Tua won two festivals, the wooded swear …; collaborative links with TP. Ho Chi Minh City, the southeastern province, Cambodia in developing the master plan for tourism development in Tay Ninh in 2010 and further to 2020 with the tourism product is: understanding cultural tourism cultural, historical, tourism festivals, resources, spiritual tourism, eco-shopping, entertainment, sports …

With the positive action, hopefully in the near future, tourism will become a key economic sectors of Tay Ninh, contribute to building a green city in the southwest border, accent continuous in activities to attract visitors to the area.


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