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Children’s Festival on the island of Ngoc thrill Vinpearl

May 23, 2013
Children’s Festival on the island of Ngoc thrill Vinpearl
Especially this year, the program was designed very rich and diverse special activities taking place throughout the day sixth as “childhood nursery”, “tiny village” lucky , dance music, circus …

With 2 times per day, morning from 8.30am-11.30am in front of the conference hall, and afternoons from 15h00-18h30 at the old fairground, the “Incubator childhood” promises to be a destination not to be missed through to the baby during the day sixth year. At this amusement park will be designed with the image, the model of the professions that every child has the desire to grow up like police, doctors, chefs, firemen, … together with the provisions different game. The baby will be outstanding achievements attractive gift souvenir program.




Also at the conference stage, from 15h30-16h also house the appearance of “Little Village” simulation model of the Smurfs cartoon notes that all children are infatuated. The children will have the opportunity to become familiar with the Smurfs funny uncle that could previously only found on television.




From 16h to 19h will be the moment for the boy she has long legs and ingenuity favorite dance. The baby will unleash their talents across the Chicken Dance and Belly Dance Dance with the guidance of professional dance groups rooster pleased with the contribution of the tiny Smurfs pay. The most talented legs will be attractive prizes for this exciting repertoire.





Besides, the “Recreational paradise” Vinpearl Land, New Year’s Day of her children as more fully with other special programs such as Puppet Theatre “Aladdin and the magic lamp”, the raging music and dance show coated, skilled magicians, performers Mermaid, divers feeding, Puppet Theatre, Music sparkling water. In addition, when entering the playground, each child will receive 01 tickets to share in a lucky draw to win 100% of the shares are meaningful gifts.




In addition, visitors and students can explore hundreds of games on the island with many impressive items such as sleds mountain system on the island first in Asia (Alpine Coaster) Games flip thrills Bungee, 3-D Swing, Swing shrouds, pirate ships, … or the indoor game with loads of games for all ages. Visitors can also enjoy special item shows the system with 4D movie theater, especially street carnival program Carnival Vinpearl Land will open for operations during the parade summer tourist season.

With thoughtful preparation, Vinpearl Land is ready to offer to visitors, especially the children a children’s festival and a summer full of new and fun filled.

Thuy Vy

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