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Aromatic crispy fried wontons

May 23, 2013
Aromatic crispy fried wontons
Fried Wonton is the most favorite food of many tourists to Hoi An. With higher floors, toilets that, beat cake … Wonton is a product of special culinary culture of Hoi An people. In the menu of many restaurants, accommodation, wonton always listed first. Unfortunately if many tourists to the city that missed the opportunity to enjoy the water dish dumplings, wonton noodles and fried wontons particular.

For processing wontons, chefs are selected by plastic pineapple bread flour. Mix the flour with the eggs then beat this mixture several times to finely rolled dough as thin as possible. Want to give birth to the beautiful bread dumplings, cleverly cut dough into small pieces to make the crust, gently peel up the palm to the middle of the bread knots are very tight.

Human bread made from ground shrimp was fresh, for the small mortars after throwing for spices and finely scanned. The petite pie wontons will be brought to steaming water and add shrugged chan (with food or water wonton wonton noodles) or fried (with fried wonton dish).

When eating, diners can choose from three types of water dumplings, wonton noodles, fried wontons, each has a special taste. First-time visitors from afar will not enjoy being surprised before a bowl of water dumplings taste sweet, mild bar.

The Security Council also added a little tricky for the egg noodles to the boiling water into the bowl of wonton to make wonton noodle dishes. Wonton noodles also make sense for people who enjoy interesting by some satay (made with a mixture of shrimp, meat, peanuts, fish sauce, salt) and a few cloves of lard or minced golden goodbye.


Crispy wontons filled disc charm. Photo: Thanh Ly


Especially fried wontons, dishes become quite familiar and favorite of many tourists. This dish is usually diners choose to eat appetizers along with rolls, rolls. It provides each new cake pan submerged in oil to make it crispy fried. Showing a layer of lettuce, thinly sliced ​​tomatoes, basil and place the disc onto wonton. Finally chan ketchup and onions on the cake.

She stepped out swiftly sales, plates were brought out fried wontons, spiraling up the heat. Color of a couple of red shrimp curl, color of straw yellow pie wontons, green communities Tra Que vegetable sauce peeled and amber yellow ball … All make a fragrant crispy fried wontons disk ward complex, add a little hot sauce of the more amazing. Broth with food, to be as mild peppers, wontons sound of lumpy iron, sweet fleshy prawns dissolved tongue …

According to Thanh Ly (thesaigontimes)

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