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The stunning beaches of the Central

May 20, 2013
The stunning beaches of the Central
Property coastline, natural Central is granted in favor of many stunning beaches with fine white sand, clear blue water and incredibly charming scenery.

Cua Lo Beach

Speaking to the famous beaches of the central one can not fail to mention Cua Lo. Vinh18 km from town, Cua Lo beach near the 10 km long and has long been a familiar destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, especially during the long holiday.

Cua Lo beach consists of 3: Lanzhou beach, Xuan Huong, Pisces. Beautiful scenery, sun and blue water, white sand, waves whispering silver day will bring you moments of rest most comfortably. If you have the opportunity to Cua Lo should not miss the opportunity to enjoy seafood by famous seafood here is delicious and cheap.

Thuan An

Located 15 km from Hue city to the east, Thuan An has long been renowned as an ideal tourist destination. Thuan An Beach nearly 1km long with powdery white sand and turquoise sea water clear.Thuan An busiest during April to September.

If you get up early and watch the dawn of Thuan An, visitors will not help admiring the natural beauty of this place. As the sun dawned, the sun’s rays to be awakened from a long sleep, stretching to stretch the blurred thick mist of sea salt create three-dimensional picture.

When false positives, watching from the blazing sun from the horizon diving down to visit, tourists are not surprised from the great splendor of nature. It is time visitors can go barefoot on the sand and enjoy the cool sea breeze and feel the soft white sand slipped between his legs.

Lang Co Beach

If you have to Hue, you do not miss a chance to see Lang Co beach – where capital is known as “the beautiful fishing village.” Indeed, many visitors to immerse themselves in the scene in Lang exclaimed “Lang even more beautiful paintings.”

Lang Co Beach for more than 10 km, with the blue ocean waters, fine white sand located next to the charming Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma National Park is 24km. This is a beach with gently sloping beach, white sand, waves and large, well suited for the type of beach tourism, resort, scuba diving.

Lang Co is located on the north-south travel route, the city of Da Nang and Hue 30 km 70 km extremely convenient in traveling.

Thien Cam beach

20 km from Ha Tinh to the southeast, Thien Cam beach possesses a wild beauty fascinating to hold the shape of the guitar. Sea up to 3 Thien Cam beach, 3 km long beach with white sand flat little rough, clear blue sea emerald, can look to the bottom, sloping coast, can shore over bath 100 meters.

Sea Tianqin very gentle, no big waves to surf, not always quiet but only small waves rush to shore calm.Moreover, Thien Cam beach is also blessed with the beautiful islands En island, island butter and undulating mountains surround natural and extremely impressive.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach in Da Nang, only about 900 meters long, but always busy and crowded beach because it is both local visitors and foreign tourists immensely preferred. In 2005, Forbes magazines (USA) has voted Khe is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet.

My Khe Beach is famous for its white sand, moderate waves, warm water and coconut trees all year round romantic, beautiful surrounds. Also due to the sloping beach just so you can have peace of mind just relaxing swim tops watching the majestic Marble Mountains and Cham island Hoi An in the distance …

Around in My Khe not always absent, but is busiest between May to August calendar. Go to My Khe, you can experience the game like fishing, surfing, diving, sailing extremely attractive.

Cua Dai

How only 5km to Hoi An Cua Dai is a not to be missed when in Hoi An. Cua Dai beach in her youthful life with many splendid buildings, the resort facilities. With beautiful beaches, fresh air, gentle, Cua Dai is expected to bring more relaxation, comfort for the visitors.

Cua Dai is where the Thu Bon River to the sea, so there is a lot of fish. One of the most interesting tourist attractions the type of fishing, hunting prey such as fish species Onions, gatherer, Hong Region … Visitors can close the bank or can also rent a small nets at sea between waves vast sky.

(According MASK)

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