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Vietnamese Cuisine world conquest

May 12, 2013
Vietnamese Cuisine world conquest
Yan Can Cook once shared: Vietnamese cuisine is very special, very healthy, always fresh.

One of the cultural pride of Vietnam’s culinary treasures with thousands dish imbued with national identity stretching across 3 North – Central – South. And Vietnamese dishes are increasingly many countries around the world know. It has been confirmed, When Mei 8/2012 past in Faridabad, India, Asia Organization Records has officially recognized and established 12 food Vietnam reached criterion “Cuisine Asian Values” .


Pho Ha Noi


Vietnamese food in general does not taste too in a positive bias should ease many peoples taste.Vietnamese food is not too oily like Chinese food, not spicy “strong” like Indian food too, not in favor of dairy foods such as northern Europe … Food is usually cooked dishes such as pho , vermicelli, bun thang, noodle broth grows … because of the cooking dish north often subtle, pure in flavor, if only all the beef bones, beef, chicken if it is too. But the central dish, especially dishes of Hue, has a significant position in the culinary culture of Vietnam in favor of the majority position, coordinating many spices and ingredients. Southern dish usually has advantages such as salad vegetables, books, baked goods often coordinate various spicy ingredients such as meat, seafood, poultry … so very tempting aroma of food by each dish is very different.


Saigon spring rolls


Almost all Vietnamese cuisine can be found in the toad bars, on street carts or large restaurants, small side street, the alley, the restaurant most luxurious hotels … Diners the child is old enough, men and women, Mr. West, her dress, the young boy or girl Korea, Japan, the politicians, celebrities of the world … all excited, admiring the bowls, rolls , bun … Vietnamese dishes featuring exquisite art processors, separately. Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook) is a renowned chef, is also the main character full of humor and attractive in the TV show Yan Can Cook once shared, Vietnam cuisine is very special, very good for health , always fresh. You eat like the people you will be appear so. You see, the Vietnam, especially women who are slender and always looks fresh and full of life … Spring rolls, then Pho – renowned cuisine of Vietnam who loved everyone including Yan Can Cook.


Bun Cha Ha Noi


Yan Can Cook Like, a lot of tourists from all over the world fascinated by the Vietnamese cuisine rich and unique. Travel to Vietnam, they find work and learning to cook can manually processed. “If you ask me what makes my favorite when it comes to Vietnam, I would immediately reply that it is the food. In anywhere in the world also have pork, beef, chicken, duck, seafood dishes … but of every country, every region has its own characteristics, by using different spices, taste and decided to cook up culinary style of the place. I have learned a number of dishes to the Vietnam still can not be here to enjoy yourself, and I intend to bring some Vietnamese dishes like pho, spring rolls on the menu of his restaurant in the UK “- Daniel Roux a British culinary experts sharing.


Bun thang Hanoi


Affirming the value of culinary Vietnam in 2010, Vietnam record organization has implemented to promote culinary travel specialties Vietnam and, culinary record search and nominations Century Organization ASEAN continent, Organizing Asian record and organize Guinness world record, contributing to Vietnam cuisine is known the world over again. Results, May 8/2012 last in Faridabad, India – Asian record Organization has officially recognized and established 12 food Vietnam by Vietnam record organization nominated by the established criteria ” Value Asian cuisine “Organization regulations Asian record.

We can say, in 57 countries and territories in Asia, Vietnam is considered as one of the countries with unique cultural and culinary diversity. The diversity that is unique from the traditional cuisine combined with the know-how and processing technology, to produce and accompanied preparations, combinations of ingredients, seasoning of the dish so that the two peace, ensure nutrition and good health.


Vietnam reached 12 dishes “value Asian cuisine” include:

1. Pho Ha Noi – Unit ownership: Hanoi

2. Bun Cha Ha Noi – Unit ownership: Hanoi

3. Bun thang Hanoi – Unit ownership: Hanoi

4. Crab cake Hai Phong – Unit ownership: Hai Phong City

5. Elderberry Ninh Binh – Unit ownership: Ninh Binh Province

6. Nghe An eel Myanmar – Unit ownership: Nghe An

7. Dried Pho Gia Lai – Unit ownership: Gia Lai Province

8. Banh Khot Vung Tau – Unit ownership: Ba Ria Vung Tau

9. Saigon spring rolls – Unit owner: Ho Chi Minh City

10. Broken rice Saigon – Unit owner: Ho Chi Minh City

11. Bun bo Hue – Unit ownership: Thua Thien Hue Province

12. Noodle Square – Unit ownership: Quang Nam Province


According to Thanh Thanh (VEN)

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