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Hanoi purple color with lentils

May 12, 2013
Hanoi purple color with lentils
From the end of April, with purple color flower-covered steering wheel has all the roads in the capital Hanoi. At the sight of the beautiful images of flowers featured Hanoi

The road as Liberation, Kim Ma … flowers are covered with purple prism.


Because flowers are so beautiful purple roses are often grown as ornamentals urban landscape.


States with lentils, phoenix flowers and floral message … is characteristic of summer flowers.


Lagerstroemia species is typical of India. This species originated from tropical Asia, is more in Southeast Asia, India and other tropical regions.


States with the steering seems poetic to bring roads and lakes in Ha Noi.



One Tree Lagerstroemia Ngoc Khanh lake



Also purple flowers, flowers by the color wheel has bold, pale white, pink, red, purple, … late fall and deciduous varieties also yellow, red maple leaves cold countries.





Purple or lavender flowers that grows in clusters of 20-40 cm long, usually bloom in summer.



It is said that, the Jade Emperor Twelve princesses, each one looks pretty, no one loses anyone. One day, the Jade Emperor to be selected into the flowers on earth. The sister turned her in turn select a commission form … Her own youngest quietly with his father like purple childhood, her father became princess flower by steering …




… Below is his positive message Disadvantaged time, that species has beautiful purple flowers in the soft band took it home grown. And every year on the flowering season, his scholar bring flowers to enjoy. Fall for him by steering purple hue, he gradually fell in love with this flower to the people of stupor. Princess Arabia talented guy to see his sincere love, also bring the passion, but hardship love people – the first protest was the Jade Emperor. From the flowers Lagerstroemia increasingly less faded purple. And he was a scholar lovesick heart flowers with lentils.


A steering angle on the Dang Tien Dong, Dong Da District.


Based on this story, by steering flowers which carry symbolic meaning for the faithful. The innocence of purple similes often represents love naive school age.

According to the knowledge era

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