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Enjoy the sun sparkling sea Phu Quoc

May 12, 2013
Enjoy the sun sparkling sea Phu Quoc
As the island has the largest area of ​​the country, located in the southwestern province of Kien Giang, Phu Quoc contained in his appeal to the magic of the landscape, weather, animals, flowers …

Discover the island pearl, emerald waters glitter in 3 days, we’ve got the memories, experiences, unforgettable experience.

There are 2 ways for tourists to Phu Quoc. One is the direct flights from Hanoi or HCMC. But if you want more than enough time and more experience means more traffic, make choices to go by speedboat.

The evening before, from Vietnam, you ride to Ha Tien night, the next morning, high-speed trains start at 8 or 13h to the Phu Quoc. 3 hours later, you have come to this beautiful island. This is the pier of Ham Ninh, where we pick up in trying to Ngoc Island sunset


One of these precious animals are endemic Phu Quoc dog which locals affectionately called Ridgeback.The reason for this breed so named because on the back it has a long coat swirling trail. In addition, characteristics making them more precious and rare is docked tail, webbed feet, tall, slim, good swimmers and often burrow to breed. Phu Quoc is also very wise dog, are used as hunting dogs or house hold. And with us, Phu Quoc dog is incredibly cute dog, especially small dogs. They are very good, ready to carry strangers, if the owners have lovingly gestured agree.


If Ridgeback is featured animals, they also deserve pepper ranked No. 1 in the plant life on the island.Phu Quoc pepper is fragrant. The pepper garden like this greening coastal path running around the Island. It is particularly in Phu Quoc pepper is the venom targets are made from natural wood core.When asked why people here do not sting criteria for concrete durability as some other places, a farmer in Duong To commune, said: “Venom pepper made of concrete absorbs heat caused by tree hot, so will affect the natural process of development and ripe flavors of black pepper. “


It is also widely planted trees in Phu Quoc. Lots of tourists admiring the North would be interesting to witness how the seeds of a familiar dish. Ganh Oil is a commune located northwest of the island of Phu Quoc. On the first day North Island tour, we had lunch there and visit in this place. With pristine beaches and clear, Ganh oil hidden in her fragile beauty and seductive.


The boat anchored on the beach calm blue water Ganh oil, sun and see through the clear bottom.


This is the path through the Phu Quoc National Park, from the Long Beach Oil Ganh.

With an area of ​​600km2, how to tourists can be discovered directly, feel the island is going by motorbike. From the beach to another beach, a distance sometimes up to 10-20km.

Named Bai Dai beach extends for 15 kilometers northwest of the island. This is a pristine beach, with white sand and clean blue sea color ecstatic. Over 15 km along the coast, visitors will sometimes confused, do not know if I should stop in place to become part of the landscape is amazing.


And your suggestion is: pick anywhere, because wherever here, you also deserve to be called a paradise.

I was sitting there stationary, unleash scenic sky, immense sea large sun until the president beach u sink into the sunset.


End of the first day exploring North Island with great experience, the next day we had a day to explore the South Island, starting from the radiance of the flowers greet the dawn of paper in front of the hotel.


We started the journey of discovery in the South Island on a boat fishing and diving reef. This is part of our South Island from aboard admire.

Guests enjoy first line manually drop into the sea for fishing. A new sentence, and many admit that they can not believe the bait fish. So we have an interesting result.


After the hand is cute sea fish, we went to Sao beach, best beach in Phu Quoc. With turquoise waters and soft white sand smooth, gentle, this place deserves to be voted as one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the world.


Farewell Sao beach, on the way, we once again before sunset passionately bobbing sea, water, sky, clouds of Phu Quoc. Nostalgically distant places, we still have a lot to tell, about the dive, coral, pearl breeding grounds, fish factory sim wine, home made sauce, or bring special dishes taste Phu Quoc own.

According to Thuy Mai (Infonet)

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