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Delicious specialty cakes love Vietnam

May 12, 2013
Delicious specialty cakes love Vietnam
Vietnamese specialty cakes are so many types and styles, appealing taste.

Cake import sli – Cao Bang

Export to sli often shaped by red bricks, the upper layer is brown shiny touch, the bottom layer of rice burns smooth.


The name bread sli export weird funny ears to hear that many people are curious to hear for the first time. Export to sli often shaped by red bricks, the upper layer is brown shiny touch, the bottom layer of rice burns smooth. Over the processing stage, two-layer cake jammed together, eating brittle, plastic soft fleshy turn has led many visitors to eat a piece of that entangles the flavor forever that strange.

Green bean cake – Hai Duong

Hai Duong eat green bean cake tastes sweet


Hai Duong green bean cake did not seem strange to many people because of the widespread popularity of this specialty. Hai Duong eat green bean cake tastes sweet, just put in your mouth is gone now, but enough to keep people enjoy eating the sweet, fatty and aromatic smells faintly floral grapefruit, green beans.

Bread basket, ash cakes – Bac Giang

Gio cake, cake ash amber clear


When class finally leaves are peeled off, the cake like a gemstone amber reveal clear, can see through inside the gemstone that each tiny grain rice sheen. When eaten, dipping bread into the bowl of molasses, golden, fragrant and leisurely enjoy the exotic taste of ash cake.

Cake fiddler – Pacific

Cake fiddler


Pacific fiddler attractive cake diners initially by name. Seemed cakes gifts of the sea, to find food on rice, peanuts, sesame, pumpkin jam, coconut …

Bread crumb – Ha Noi

Bread crumb is the specialty of Hanoi

Bread made from cereal nuggets, green beans and coconut pumpkin jam or jelly slugs, often used for betrothal ceremony and also the specialty of tourists buy as a gift to Hanoi.

Hemp Bread – Nam Dinh

Hemp cake – specialty of Nam Dinh


From time immemorial, Nam Dinh still baking traditional hemp, hemp leaves at Bridge House also many growers. The art of eating well. Cake peeled off the adhesive foil how, when eating so that people from falling.

Mango rice paper – Nha Trang

Mango rice paper is made primarily from ripe mango and malt


Mango Rice Paper is a specialty dish quite famous Cam Lam district and some neighboring provinces of Khanh Hoa Province. Cake made primarily from ripe fruit and malt. Rice paper is also called mango mango cake Nha Trang by the majority of products sold in the city of Nha Trang.

Dried sesame cake – Cam Le, Quang Nam

Sesame brittle dry sponge cake


Sesame brittle dry sponge cake sweet, simple song that permeates the source of the sentiments of people of Quang.

Pig skin cake – Hoi An

Banh Hoi pigskin-flavored sticky rice flour


Banh Hoi pig skin specially flavored glutinous rice flour. Long steam bread, the sweet sound, smell faintly fragrant new lines, the coconut fatty fat.

Beef Cake – Saigon

Beef Cake is a sponge cake made from rice flour, water, sugar and yeast


Beef Cake is a sponge cake made from rice flour, water, sugar and yeast. Front wheels have a lot of small bubbles due to the many air holes in buns. The vehicle beef coconut cake on the streets of Saigon has long been a familiar image in the eyes of the people here. Just at the end of the morning until the evening to pass along the streets for a day start living.

Pia Cake – Soc Trang

Pia cake cake called skinning.


Pia cake made of flour, durian, egg yolks. Sometimes also known as PIA cake cake skin.

Less cake – Binh Dinh

Cake is the specialty at the leaves of land in Binh Dinh martial


A delicious cake is considered less flexible but must not be sticky food, pure taste of the leaves, the plasticity of the aromatic rice, the sweetness of the sugar, the oil fatty, fleshy Republic of beans which adhered to. When eating just slightly peeled green banana leaf layer is the layer of skin is glossy black wheels less attractive. Cake is the specialty at the leaves of Binh Dinh martial soil, then spread to other provinces and become famous in Central culinary culture.

RE Cake – Phan Thiet

Turn the pastry cake made with sweet potatoes


Turn cake is a cake made with sweet potatoes and melted sugar onto the cake as watered roots.Similar naming RE spring rolls, cake re … Cake is the specialty of many places such as Soc Trang, Binh Dinh, Phan Rang, Phan Thiet …

Cake ú – South

Ú lye bread wrapped in foil on the outside, inside the dough is sticky and green beans


Ú lye bread is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival on the people of the South. There cake cone, to adult fist, lye bread peek outside wrapped in foil, inside a sticky powder and green beans.Ú lye bread to eat, do not cause bored, cool the cake flour should be popular in the hot sun.

Cake is a dream – West

Cake in the dream leaves, dark green, flattened shape LED is long-term


Cake is a cake dream leaves folk of the western waters made from three main ingredients are rice flour, coconut milk and leafy dream. Traditionally, the cake is a dream, dark green, flattened shape LED is long term.

In addition, we can also fashioned dough into flat round pieces or short and curly strands of the pasta and the like steamed taken. When eating, people chan flooded onto the white coconut cake and sometimes sprinkle roasted peanuts. Cake eating the leaves long dream has aromatic crispy, juicy fat medium, medium sweet, sleepy throne.

According Aries (Love tour)

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