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4 countries participating in Soc Trang Ngo boat race

May 12, 2013
4 countries participating in Soc Trang Ngo boat race
Soc Trang Province People’s Committee has issued plans Ngo boat racing festival held Khmer Mekong Delta – Soc Trang 1st 2013.

Ngo boat racing festival will have many activities imbued with national culture, such as theater arts program with the theme of “Moon and rice soul”; ceremony om peeled Keyboard Instrument; garden Khmer cultural phenomenon “Garden Khmer fairy “; Soc old photo exhibition” Memories of Soc Trang “; culinary festival three-Khmer ethnic Kinh-Hoa” Soc Delicacies “folk games festival, the public art Khmer festival moon river, the water lights (Lei Pro tip) …

Also, on this occasion also trade fairs and exhibitions Soc; scientific forum link tourism development “Natural Resources and Soc Trang in the humanities link tourism development Mekong Delta “.

Ngo boat racing festival is held in Soc Trang province to create a unique cultural product, directly serving tourism development towards regional links, both associated with the implementation of conservation targets, maintain and promote traditional values, contribute to building advanced culture and imbued with national identity.

In this phase Festival is expected to invite four regional countries are Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar join the team competition with Vietnam Ngo boat.

(Source: The National)

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