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20 10000 delicacies under the street in Hanoi

May 12, 2013
20 10000 delicacies under the street in Hanoi
The snack street apparently has become an indispensable part of culinary devotees. Try watching if only 10,000 on hand, you can enjoy the delicious street food in Hanoi.

1. Fried dumplings

Each of the fried dumplings with meat at prices from 4000-6000. This dish is where to sip the dusk.Fried dumplings usually served with chili sauce or sweet and sour sauce.


2. Meat skewer

Meat skewers as street delicacies favored by many people. Each skewer meat prices 6000-10000 dong.You can also pay an additional 2,000 to savor the burgers delicious skewers.


3. Banana bread, potato bread

5000 is the right price point for this delicious cake. For this snack quite sick so often you can only get one every 1-2 times.


4. Bread rolls

With 7000-10000 contract, you will enjoy a delicious cake roll with the minced meat, mushrooms. Many people like to eat a little bread rolls with chili sauce or pepper.


5. Samosas

Each pillow cake with the meat and egg prices 7000-9000 contract. Samosas are snack sold pretty much in Hanoi. This dish is usually served with sweet and sour sauce, papaya salad and raw vegetables.


6. Turning

The hot food at the stalls can cost between 2000-3000 VND / unit. Like bread pillow, turning the sauce and served with vegetables.


7. The brochettes of fried

The brochettes this type is sold lots in front of the elementary school and junior high school. In addition to the oblique rolls or fried sausage fried tomato, who also sorts of fish and shrimp member anymore.Each is priced brochettes from 5000-7000 contract.


8. Pancakes

There are 2 types of donuts and pastries are saltine crackers. Pancakes with sweet bean usually the outer security or sugar. A sweet donut costs about 2000-3000 dong. Pies salty with the 4000 average price for the meat, vermicelli, mushrooms and served with sauces.

9. Duck eggs

This is a very nutritious dish is popular. You can taste this in the street or carrying snacks stalls with prices from 6000-8000 contract.

10. Quail eggs upside

With 10,000, you can eat five quail eggs mixed with aromatic sauces.

11. Sugarcane juice

Resting after a stressful working day, a glass of sugarcane juice is priced from 8000-10000 will quickly melt the thirst for you.

12. Embedded Cake

Only with the 5000, you will be owning a crispy cakes dipped Thom.

13. Beef beer

This is a favorite food of women as well as children. With only 5,000 VND, a sweet beer beef, succulent aroma of coconut and sesame position will belong to you.

14. Trang Tien Ice Cream

This is a popular snack in the capital. Some like chocolate ice cream, green beans, sweet coconut only from 7000-8000 contract. And if you want to enjoy ice cream cone, you will have to spend 12,000 dong.

15. These types of burns

These snacks are the sisters is extremely popular, as long rai future, less fat. The price of snacks are also “nuts”, only from 6000-8000 dong / tael.

16. Yogurt

Delicious, good for digestion and good cooling, yogurt is a lot of dishes favored. A yoghurt usually cost 5,000 VND account. The type of homemade yogurt in all the bars are also comparable price.

17. Potato tornado

But that appears not long, but the potato tornado was quick snack is becoming popular. A potato skewers are incredibly nice price 10,000.

18. Sour fruit beams

The acidic berries and crunchy like mango, plum, toads, guava (depending on season) mixed with sugar, paprika powder is the fascinating gift for sisters. This formula presents the average price from 8000-10000 dong / tael (maybe a little higher depending on the time and type of work).

19. Caramel

An old dish but never “out of fashion”. Only with the 5000, you can enjoy a cup of caramel greasy.

20. Cao city

This is one of those cooling summer dish very popular in the North. The brain slices beans are tender, fragrant, succulent been chan fragrant jasmine syrup is only available from 5000-7000 VND / bowl.There are many car or peddling burden on the city streets of Hanoi.


According Knowledge Young

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