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Loa studio – where not only filmmakers

March 29, 2013
Loa studio – where not only filmmakers
After nearly five years of renovation, the Co Loa Studio (in the center of Hanoi for more than 10 km) is now actually a modern studio and was officially opened to tourists.

Film capital of Vietnam for a while

Perhaps few know that, more than 50 years ago, the Vietnamese film studio Loa – the first studio, which made many classic films as: “a river”, “I from Late “,” clams, oysters, snails, mussels “… Loa Studio have worked closely with several generations of musicians, actors, film industry of Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Until the 1980s, with difficulties, the rise and fall of the country, gradually Loa Studio forgotten and become ravaged, luxuriant grass grow. 2008, MOCST decided to restore and upgrade the Co Loa Studio, State funding of up to 108 billion.

Earlier, when the Co Loa Studio project is not completed, to the context for most of the film, the filmmakers struggle to free up the context, if you do not want to hire foreign film. The crew “Huyen use natural capital”, “Thai Tran Thu Do” had to erect a temporary to which the context of “use once” to serve the second film with the gate is made of plywood, foam , just a few rain is broken, warped, distorted wings, not even close. has been a long time, Vietnam absence movie filming history, history, ancient … 1000 Event Thang Long as a “boost” makes the film revived many projects have been implemented and it is time that the apparent paradox: the filmmakers always called lack of context. So, when embarking on any historical film project meant that the filmmakers have to start all the work, leaving a lot of costs … that could have been saved if conservation plans in a scientific context, props, costumes from the previous movie.

After 5 years of restoration, renovation and far studio appearance Loa has changed. Internal studio scene (wide 400m2, built by the Germans before) has been upgraded to become the modern studio system hanging lamps, recording, audio synchronization. Two old hut has been upgraded into the public service and three star accommodation with many VIP rooms for the crew to rest while filming here. Loa model is a mix of a variety of studios in the world, ie both the permanent works combine film and tourism, both domestic scene for a few films and retain senior most attractive landscape to tourism.

Tourist attractions

On the day of the last 8-3 Loa Studio opened its doors for the first delegation. The fact that that has a lot of studios around the world to become famous tourist destinations and huge revenues from domestic and foreign tourists. Typically filming Hong Lau Mong, located between the capital Beijing, the bigger is the Studio Heng Studio or Dae Jang Geum theme park made drama “Dae Jang Geum” of Korea. Upgrading , renovated studio Loa made it became Vietnam’s first studio film combined with travel experience, resort, contributing to the film industry, as well as the Vietnamese tourism development .

Talking to us, Mr. Phan Van Hoa Loa Studio Director said: Tourists come here than to be introduced to the studio, will be seen a few excerpts of the films have been shot here as “God destined hero” or “Thai Tran Thu Do,” is considered martial arts performances in the famous battles of the past, see the adoration of the king. Even tourists can be transformed into a king, queen, queen and sitting on the throne … At this point, the tour visited the Co Loa Studio will be introduced and promoted to schools within and outside Ha Home to the conditional students to visit historical tourism, are immersed in the context of ancient drama and learn more about the history of Vietnam, etc. In addition, many young people will also have the opportunity to take photos or clip about the context of the traditional costume. Mr. Hoa also adds, December 6/2013, Studio will build a 2D theaters to serve visitors and recreational needs of the people in Dong Anh district. As expected of the set, each week there will be 3 to 4 tours on Saturday and Sunday 150-600 guests.

It is possible that this is a good signal, because now not only is a modern studio, this place is a destination, has contributed to increased sales, but also opens a channel to help the teachers training history more lively and attractive.


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