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Visit Tram Chim season red-headed crane on

March 27, 2013
Visit Tram Chim season red-headed crane on
At this time, visitors have the opportunity to return to Tram Chim National Park (Tam Nong, Dong Thap province) will see firsthand Forum crane dance song, choose mates … A pleasure elegant, ideal.

Crane on.

Tram Chim, as dawn was dawn, dew deposited on twigs, grass … sitting on a motor boat on the channel surfing, looking at both sides of the birds flew away to feed many, birdsong Liu lo sounds really fun.

Teal flock – mallard hundred, heard a motor boat near, soaring fly up and dang wings toward the distant deep blue indigo forest cluster. How many birds kingfisher blue coat color, relaxed sitting on the mangrove branches, bamboo poles; quick swooping into the water bait bite … looks spectacular. Some the extracted bright red comb, feathers dark green, ring tail ring … Exit hiding in the grass along the canal contrition …

Looking down from the observatory is a hundred … My native forests, large and small blend together to reach the sky,, auriculiformis Outing, swinging early rustling in the wind, cotton indigo shine fragrant, ecstasy …

Suddenly a moment like a dream, like, visitors will encounter the mystery before the background of the vast earth vast Dong Thap full of water, the wings serving distressed cranes, like clouds floating gently, and then dropped off Tram Chim – between the concave original mangrove forest – home to the “Queen of the crane” and the rare species of birds …



Crane about Tram Chim in January and find mates in May (before the rainy season). Then, the moving areas with habitat suitable for spawning and rearing children, in the dry season will necessarily have fresh water. In the topographical structure, Tram Chim is the ideal ecological environment, suitable for permanent cranes as there are many sources of food and lots of trees obscured ensure quiet …

Fortunately, Tram Chim is not destroyed, humans live in harmony with nature. Dong Thap People are proud to flocks of cranes fly image flickering, singing yellow sun …



Wind direction glides on twigs, grass. Water Aaron Arabia. Twilight dyed pink fur crane. Herd of cranes dancing in the a mystical beautiful scenery. Water ripples, vibratory grass rustling … The sun, earth, wind, clouds and sunset shadow dance to the rhythm of the flock also crane …

Cranes live peaceful, simple and also signaled people know climate change, weather, sun and rain … to facilitate field work. The nature here has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, excursions and scientific research.

Tram Chim National Park has a total circumference of 70km, the area 7.313ha. This is a miniature model of the natural landscape of the Plain of Reeds pristine and is home to more than 20,000 individual birds, over 150 species of freshwater fish, 191 species of higher plants and many species of amphibians, reptiles and other plankton …

Including 231 of the world’s rare birds have conservation value such as white-winged, barn owl, brown back, black eagle, robin fire shot, box, with spoon, entropion, land, great chicken, Wanderer sen, heron, herring, golden sheaves … Especially the red-headed crane, bare neck (flamingos) – a rare species of birds are protected by the world …

Tram Chim National Park preserves, conservation near Melaleuca 3.000ha and for nearly 1,000 ha of rice, lotus, guns, weed, contrition … are favorable conditions for birds and other animals to shelter, living …Tram Chim National Park has been recognized as a Ramsar wetland Vietnam’s fourth and fifth of the world’s 2000. This is one of the eight most important areas for bird conservation in Vietnam – unique habitats in the Indochina Peninsula.

(The Youth)

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