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The plants “toxic” display Tet

March 27, 2013

The plants “toxic” display Tet

1,500 works of plants including many rare plants, unique styling, silver worth billions, is on display at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (Hanoi).

Exhibition art plants and flowers in an area of ​​4000 m2 before relics Doan Mon – Thang Long Royal Citadel center, starting from the morning 20-1. Participatory exhibition of bonsai artists, societies pet, bonsai art, bonsai club garden came from 20 provinces.

The plants at the show did not disclose the price, but there are a lot of work depending on the type of rare and unique, worth billions. In the picture is the work of Duong Tran Decree.

The cultivation of ornamental plants from the Ly – Tran, begin training with the technical and esoteric arts. Guava works The Hung ship.

Hanoi ancient bonsai-growing village known as Publicity, Nghi Tam, Czech Huu Ngoc Ha, Vi Khe, Tuong Mai Vinh Tuy … The family often coordinated with planting flowers and birds, fish. Wolong mountain slid works of Tran Thai Nguyen Reporting from.

Often plants are divided into three groups: plant nursery to prepare for the transplant, compression, bending; groups coordinate with rockery and plants that stance, tone rose shape exuding a theme, an idea concept of thought. In the photo is a fig tree to the author of The Hung.

Mr. Van, a bonsai players present at the exhibition said, potted plants can be matched with one or two other plants to blend into a whole in order to express certain ideas or feelings. Tung trees work of Nguyen Van Huong.

Of the more than 1,500 works, mainly the type of fig tree, si, parts, immediate, casuarinas, information, below. Own birth and Si bulk with 80%. Author’s works laurel laurel.

The bonsai play often like the tree as five blessings, phoenix fly, brotherhood, dragon fire, paired, waiting for the wind, motherhood, sage … In ancient tree is the label of the author Nguyen Thu Complete from Phu Tho.

“For a small pine trees or a flying dragon takes 5 to 6 years,” reveal an artist. In the photo is old cedars.

Many artists also use pumice stone blocks, natural green stone appearance earned roughly opaque processing into diverse shapes, made into bonsai tree to transplant. In the picture is a little sesame average fortune to look quite nice.

There are trees to create a poem or quartet or evoke a lingering, conceptualist. United Paper works by Nguyen Hoang Long.

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