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Stop at Yang Bay

March 27, 2013
Stop at Yang Bay
Khanh Vinh district, Nha Trang is about 45km, in the area of ​​Commercial Y Bay, waterfalls Yang Bay’s calling ethnic Raglay means Heaven Falls. From Nha Trang, on the road 23/10, to Dien Khanh Lung Bridge junction turn Dalat way, after about 5km see road signs at Yang Bay waterfall.


Wood Spirit

First sights will be the Wood Spirit, also known as plant site. This is a unique tree that her man Raglay respectfully called Moc Spirit. With more than 25m height, canopy spread wide spread shade, this giant tree is formed by two si plants and skin grafting to 20 new embrace all.

No one knows exactly how old Wood Spirit. It is said that Jupiter the god’s sacred, she everyday people Raglay before entering the forest the forest stop invoking let go in peace.

From here started the journey to explore the Yang Bay. Next Destination is Yang Bay waterfall is situated at an altitude of 100m above sea level, is the headwaters of a tributary comes from the Truong Son poured on the Cai River in Nha Trang.


Yang Bay Waterfall


Along the way, the water crept through the forest, steep cliffs … made up of many waterfalls, lakes, large and small at the foot of the falls. Ho finally shallow lake at the foot of a waterfall with a height of about 10m.

Lake waters, see the bottom. One interesting thing is just standing in the water for a moment that both fish bolts to the edge of the foot. Increasing pleasurable feeling when guests wade out farther and test different fish to bu.

The hands adorn make up the beautiful scenery around the waterfall area, more fresh air, so this is a cool place to stream or relaxation. Guests can sunbathe on the rocks between the lake, or you can go through the other side of the sand, can be safely located on the seat and UM then jump into the water, feeling like bathing river.

Roaring sound of pouring water high above the attraction’s footsteps to discover beautiful hotels to find the angle of the picture. Line up is easy. Up to the end will see water flowing through the rocks is very gentle on a flat area.


Where fun spring


Looking down from above, white water water poured release dust in stone combined with different low altitude; warm through out the waterfall, the water down below like a river wide and flat. This is a difference of Yang Bay waterfall compared to the other operators in Khanh Hoa.

Interestingly, still lies ahead. People on the bus and continued the journey to explore the park Yang Bay has an area of ​​596ha.

Vehicles passing through the cherry gardens, lawns green smooth, entertainment … and finally stop at the orchid garden. From here you walk the trail to another waterfall called cascade Ho Cho, moving up as cool air.

Through the suspension bridge across a stream to the hot tub area. This is ground water from the rock, underground flow. This area is called the Lake Tien.


Road to the operators Ho Cho


There are three lakes with different temperatures. Sticking pins into the lake, people can not stand the heat that leg up. However, many people also drop down the lake to the red everyone au crawfish boil!

Many are choosing that they are 30C. With moderate temperatures, this is where the great dip, renewable energy, health recovery … Some people choose to take a dip from lake hottest, then switch to less heat to try and strength of feeling containers!

Leaving operators Ho Cho, continue the fun with ostrich riding, try the still with pig racing games, you bear, watch cock fighting … Or most leisurely stroll orchid find beautiful picture angle … lunch with the dishes made from “home-grown” as: crocodile meat, grilled ostrich, sour ball, ram, ram side … The journey spring (cold and hot), walk, uphill … you’ll feel hunger and guarantee delicious!


Lake 30 degrees C


After lunch guests will be relaxed party music with special instruments ethnic Raglay as flute Tacung, of tuh, Talepiloi, obsessed stones, t’rung … The crocodile is playing repertoire last same. There are crocodiles locked legs and muzzles for shooting friendly …

Yang Bay Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall to add rich tourism programs to attract more tourists, especially foreign tourists. To Yang Bay Waterfall, in addition to the purpose of entertainment or relaxation, guests also have the opportunity to explore the wild jungle, learn about the culture of ethnic Raglay, participate in folk games … in just one day not far from the city of Nha Trang!


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