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Oh dear, Quang Nam no rain has permeated

March 27, 2013
Oh dear, Quang Nam no rain has permeated
Away from home a number of years, but I still remember every corner, streets, food and the land of the Three States. Quang Nam rural’re not busy, but anything that people would go as far to linger.


Hoi An lanterns


Quang Nam has the 6th largest area in the country. There are 16 districts and 2 cities. The eastern provinces bordering the South China Sea, the west by Laos, northern Quang Nam border province of Thua Thien – Hue and Da Nang city, south of Quang Ngai. The major rivers are flowing from the Annamite Mountains to the East Sea: Vu Gia, Thu Bon, Tam Ky. Two Thu Bon River Tam Ky and just adorn Quang Nam is very convenient traffic. Quang Nam in her tourism potential with two World Heritage My Son and Hoi An, along with Tra Kieu, Ky Anh tunnel … the national cultural heritage.


Peaceful Thu Bon River – Photo: Truc Ly


Quang Nam preserved many vestiges of the old Cham, and more specifically, Hoi An was a major trading port of Vietnam in the sixteenth century. Over 220 historic revolutionary relics, including 17 national ranking preservation and restoration; build hundreds of traditional village (Guol, Dragon …) for ethnic minorities.


Guangzhou people still hard after generation – Photo: Truc Ly


Quang Nam people know not only a land of heroes but it also is home to many national heroes: Huynh Thuc Khang Tran Cao Van, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Dieu, Tran Quy Cap, Nguyen Van Troi … Since the beginning of Nguyen Dynasty in Quang Nam have formed a literary center is considered to be the country’s second largest after the ancient literary center of the capital, Hanoi.


A peaceful corner of Dai Loc – Photo: Truc Ly


Quang Nam has produced many academic celebrity. Typically Science exam Mau Tuat (1898), the country has 18 graduates, Quang Nam have 5, 3 Ph.D. and 2 Vice Table. It is a rare thing in the examination of the country’s history. Since the Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen all 187 examinations Ph.D. with 2971 Dr. beans but no medical 5 fellow beans. King Thanh Thai Nguyen Dynasty and the title of “Five Phoenix Qi Africa” ​​to praise. Year the Pham Will, Phan Quang, Pham Tuan, Wu Li and Yang Hsien Tien.

Also faculty of New Buffalo (1901) Quang Nam 4 to park science Deputy Table Nguyen Dinh Hien, Nguyen Mau Swap, Vo Sy and Phan Chu Trinh. Four are known as the Four masterpiece. The Five Phoenix Four titles Africa or from Kiet speak at the school and reach glory of the name of Dr. Quang Nam, Quang Nam in general and descendants Races Tran in particular took it as an honor and emulate.


Covered Bridge quietly on the afternoon – Photo: Truc Ly


If anyone knows of Quang Nam to an ancient My Son architectural, should be had to the following points, which is also associated with the Cham ruins, but at a small level, the first few scattered towers, clusters such as My Son, but it is also a part shows the unique Cham architecture scattered across the land this school:

– Tra Kieu citadel ruins: Duy Son commune (Duy Xuyen), is the capital of the country Linyi (Champa) from about 605 to 757, with the name called Simhapura.

– Chien Dan Tower: Located in the village of Chien Dan (Tam Ky). The researchers classified Chien Dan towers group of transitional style between American style Son Binh Dinh A1 and style, dating back to late tenth century and early eleventh century.

Tower Of An: Of the Social Security (Phone Ban). Octagonal tower built in the tip of the pinnacle, thon, inside the church stone linga, high value historically related to the religious beliefs of the Cham, dating from the XII century.


Tower Of An


– American Tower Jiang: of Tam Xuan 1 (Mt), composed of three towers, the traditional Cham tower with a square close, comfortable three-storey tower, dating from the turn of the century X.

Festival in Quang Nam is also very rich and diverse, including the festival of people in mountainous, coastal, agriculture festivals, religious ceremonies, etc. They all bring elements of belief, spirituality, organized every year to pray for good weather and peace, national state population; to praise the ancestors; towards the roots and traditions of the nation, and expressed the desire to reach the truth, goodness, beauty of the people here. Notably, a number of festivals represented as follows:

– Ba Thu Bon Festival: Held on February 12th lunar month in headquarters Ba Thu Bon in Duy Tan (Duy Xuyen) to commemorate Ba Thu Bon, who had to build agricultural and fishery for residents this place.


Ba Thu Bon Festival


– Long Chu Festival: Held on July 15 of the lunar calendar in Hoi An to minus mild, served translated.

– Cau Bong Festival: Held at a convenient day of spring every year in Hoi An. Festivals mean an opening ceremony for a new year season, People pray for good harvest, peace and prosperity.

– Mass chickened out Ba Thien Hau: Due to the Chinese in Hoi held on lunar March 23 every year to worship Thien Hau, the sea goddess of the Chinese people.

– Mass Raw objectives: Organization on the 16th lunar month. This is the first offerings of the two states Chaozhou and Cantonese Chinese in Hoi An.

– Mass whale: Held at the chance to make annual fishing at the fishing village of Hoi An to thank whale rescue people at sea to escape from the tribulation.


Ceremony whale


– Probably the Minh Hai: in the temple of Holy Organization (Hoi) on 07 May 11 lunar years. Worshiping the Minh Hai, the founder of the Lin Happy Holy in Hoi An.

Villages and traditional villages:

In Quang Nam has many traditional villages: Thanh Ha pottery village (Hoi An), Kim Bong carpentry village (Hoi An), bronze casting village Phuoc Kieu (Dien Ban), the weaving village of Ma Chau (Duy Xuyen), village-in-law Tam Dong Yen Lai (Duy Xuyen), sedge mat weaving village of Ban Thach (Duy Xuyen), Tra Que vegetable village (Hoi An), empty villages Lam Yen (Loc) … These villages are still active and produced by the traditional process engineering.


Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An


Can not fail to mention the cuisine:

– Pastas Ad: It has long been known as the “soul” cuisine of the area of ​​Quang Nam. Noodles are made from rice paper cut into leaf, the noodles are usually made from many different materials: shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, snakehead fish, crab … But what is the more indispensable, Quang noodles also baked the cake, green pepper, lemon slices, a few peanuts and vegetables that came.

– High floor: Is separate dishes of Hoi An. High fiber floor rolled ash from rice flour soaked with water, steamed over the fire three times, so hard and has a natural golden color. High floor mainly are tiny meat clinics, mixed with a little fat made from fried noodles shrimp food with high fiber level, raw vegetables, soy sauce, chili sauce. High floor more and more customers at home and abroad known.


High floor Quang Nam


– Dumpling – wheel cauldron: The two types of bread with different names but are often present in single wheel drive and share a common sauce is not too salty, not too light and fragrant, sweet taste of shrimp meat . The main material for making rice cakes, fresh shrimp, salt, pepper, onion, mushroom, cats, price, tobacco, pork, and a few other spices. Due shaped like roses should dumplings – cauldron cakes are also known as “white rose” (White Rose). This is a very popular dish on the menu of restaurants, eateries in the city of Hoi An.


Cauldron cakes


– Leaves little spikes Cake: Made from glutinous rice, green beans, molasses, hemp leaf, banana leaves, shaped cake rustic, honest as the produce of the rural domain but still contains the unique flavor area of ​​Quang Nam. Barbed leaves little cakes are sold mostly in Hoi An, on the streets, markets and restaurants, shops.

– Concrete thui May: The culinary specialties of the area of ​​Quang Nam has a long and growing number of customers known. To get this delicious, one must go through many stages, from selecting cattle, turn, move the meat to the sauce preparation and selection of vegetables to eat together with the Ministry of Finance is also done carefully .


Calves burned pray


– At tavak: The traditional wine of the Katu, milky, sweet, cool. Tavak wine made from the slope tree grows naturally in the forest. How to get water slope is a secret of the tree Katu not everyone can do.Once you get the slope, people just need to add more tree bark shed into the water slope is available immediately a delicious alcohol tavak and nutritious.

There is also the dam cake, noodle seasoning sauce … also diners fluttered.

If you have a chance to Quang Nam, you do not miss the eco Phu Ninh Lake, the water supply for the city of Tam Ky, Phu Ninh district, or the sea are very attractive, native Giang Thom gorgeous you!


Phu Ninh Lake picturesque



Ban Than Sea shimmering in the afternoon sun


Ho Giang Thom natural marvels


Truc Ly synthesis

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