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Oh beautiful Hoi An

March 27, 2013
Oh beautiful Hoi An
I went to Hoi An ancient town when it took off in the sun. Even though I know very rude, but I can not stop screaming happy too like the beauty of this land.

I’ve heard a lot about the ancient look, contemplation of Hoi An. A lot of information that Hoi An is one of the most attractive destinations on the tourist map of Vietnam. But until “the establishment”, in fact I’m still really shocked Hoi An so much nicer than imagine.


An Hoi Bridge glowing lantern


My journey to discover Hoi An starting at 7 pm. Who you are the original people of Hoi An “advised” I only have about 3 hours to hang out watching the old town, shopping and enjoying the famous delicacies here. By communities in Hoi An was closed pretty soon.

My first impression beautiful Hoi An is shimmering look of An Hoi under the bridge lantern. Colorful lanterns not only make more graceful bridge, causing the river Huai more poetically, but also evoke deep emotions are in the tourists.


Pho Hoai River


If the lantern is like “specialty” of Hoi An, the flower lamp is the “dish” indispensable “party” shimmer of Hoi night. Lamp flower vendors scattered throughout the river Huai for about 10,000 dong/3chiec.

Hoi An is said that, a flower lanterns released into the river will remove sorrow and turn your wishes into reality. Though not superstitious, but I also can not deny the fun of “Hoi An”.

Located on the banks of the Huai River, Bach Dang Street contains many cultural features of Hoi An.Crotch warts close together on this path is extremely ideal place to enjoy a series of famous Hoi An cuisine as floor, ad wheat, rice and chicken, dumplings, cauldron cakes and all kinds of tea …

After belly, you can find mental relaxation in stage singing hut. It can be seen that the singing hut has brought heated air to help the old town more lively but still not lose the inherent peaceful beauty.

An Hoi Bridge was just a few steps from the temple Bridge. This famous temple design is quite special because it is the bridge connecting the two banks of a water gap through the heart of the old town.Besides, the mysterious yin-yang roof of the temple is known as a bridge of Hoi An icon for many centuries.

Bach Dang street, Hoi An ancient town three major road: Le Loi Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc. Walking slowly on the the soft small winding streets, watching the quiet old house, you’ll feel like you’re lost in a strange space: both modern and ancient.

Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, you will find buy a lot of souvenirs true fan of Hoi An such as silk, lanterns, put & expedited dresses, suits or visit galaxy photo gallery, pictures special about Hoi An.


The cafe is decorated with lanterns shimmering, magical


By Hoi An is a land of “live” thanks to travel so the people here were very experienced in how to treat visitors from everywhere. Most of the shops in Hoi An are welcome polite and approachable.

You may be tentative, asking price, bargain comfortable and eventually decided not to buy, but sellers always practice with a very friendly smile.

The old house is also the sights not to be missed. You will be invited in for tea and tell you stories about the life of a hundred years of the house.

There is a pretty interesting thing is that instead of selling tickets, the landlord will ask you to customize care to contribute money into a tank to support their conservation and repair of historic witnesses.

It is true as my friend has said, civil society An early closure. When the clock 10 o’clock at night, a lot of tourists, especially West still wandering on the road, closed almost all communities.

Although tourism is on the rise but it seems Hoi An retains the extent of a traditional oriental culture, to not be the types of services tourists as agitated Deleting.

Someone has said that Hoi An is like a gentle woman twenties, smooth very intoxicating heart. But the “pretty girls” always keep in the rules of order and discipline, teachers should be “home before curfew.”


The boy …


Flower lamp … she sold the Huai River


Traditional music all play very attractive to tourists


Covered Bridge – “pearl” in the heart of Hoi An


The road rustic beauty, peace


looks contemplative in a lane


A lantern shop

Linh San-

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