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Familiar slanted away

March 27, 2013
Familiar slanted away
Slanted away with attractive yellow, a strange plastic, the scent can not be confused. A dish has a strange name to the sellers home it was 34 years ago Human Noi city Bat Dan also do not understand why. “When you eat, cut slanted slanted green beans in the same, so it’s name?”. Name surprisingly simple, but how many years, slanted away woke up with Hanoi.

Areas become insanely familiar names on the list of Vietnamese cuisine, to the point, foreign visitors to Vietnam to admiring why a country from every type of “sticky rice” (rice), which can give birth to so many dishes flung: Gac areas, parking areas, sticky corn … and a sticky rice dish has a strange name, which is slanted away.

Slanted away with attractive yellow, a strange plastic to, and can not taste each other where: aromatic fat, green beans. Caring sticky plastic deo for leaf surface, sprinkle some fat, cut green beans has gripped a handful of areas, and so on, a spoonful of sticky rice to mouth, one can see the full, sweet, salty, fatty, dust.


Attractive package with slanted away very fast, very smart in Hanoi early winter.


Longtime sales areas on Bat Dan Street said, cooking areas slanted “Calendar click” several stages. For a basket away at 5 am, must worry from 5 pm the day before: Soak glutinous rice, astronauts, soaked beans. 3 in the morning to wake up to map areas, therefore, chopped green beans and gripped it.Other non-gold in fresh fat, and the fat that will to sprinkle up areas. Eating both aromatic and days do not feel bored.

People tend to wonder why is sticky but also extraordinarily flexible slanted away food. She flung sales smiled and said, put off to the tech soaked glutinous rice flour, rice map to areas on the golden, rice is also delicious. The secret to good for areas that are part of the traditional recipe, the oldest person to do sales Hanoi to get it.

Slanted away season but also the most delicious, not as fast as purchase of all, not to mention the winter. Special moments streets after the rain, it was cold, wet, warm people suddenly crave the arc, greasy of slanted away every morning.

Not present in the list of food holidays, New Year like many other areas, just to eat out, but simply, slanted areas were located in the dictionary “memory” of many people away from Hanoi.

Hang (Labor)

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