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Attractive Promotions at Don’s Tay Ho

January 13, 2013

Attractive Promotions at Don’s Tay Ho .

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho

Amazing food at Don’s Tay Ho
in January and February, you can come up with Don’s Tay Ho to enjoy the full pleasure from the attractive deals along with special events in January.

Address restaurants, cafe, fasfood, delicious food …Food all in 24H


Don’s west lake will extend Happy Hour all day instead of 2 hours / day as usual at the Lakeside Bar with cocktails, beer, wine, liquor selling glass or bottle. Customers will receive 1 cup of Illy coffee or maintain free of charge when ordering any Tiramisu cake in restaurant. Our Tiramisu cake received so many compliments from customers and make sure you also want to own one. A cup of coffee Illy Capuccino, free wifi and a Tiramisu cake will surely make your evening really great.

Vibrant music program 4 days / week along with special cocktails for the weather is Bloody Caesar sauce (buy 1 get 1 free Happy Hour), definitely make you really happy.

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho, Cuisine,

 Especially for the Lunar New Year this year, Chef Donald Berger and Chef Tu has created two wonderful menu nature relaxation for family, friends and co-workers with a high-end menu + + vnd 1,000,000 including 1 glass of wine Anakena Sauvignon Blanc and Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Red Wine and a menu of traditional Vietnamese style with 288 000 + + including a beer or a glass of sweet tea. (please click here to Advanced menu).

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho, Cuisine,

– Greetings sweet for couples on Valentine’s Day 14/2 years, Don’s also has a menu for lunch and dinner, with 888 000 + + per couple including wine and a small gift for you girl. Make your love of romance, great space in a romantic, melodic music, excellent food and wine.

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho, Cuisine,

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho, Cuisine,

Located on the banks of the romantic West Lake, Don’s restaurant brings diners cuisine dishes ranging from classic to modern-style dishes. Don’s focus on local ingredients, high-quality imported raw materials & staff dedicated service. Don’s is a perfect destination to explore the culture and cuisine, relax with family, friends and business partners.

Promotions at Don's Tay Ho, Cuisine,

Don’s Tay Ho

16 Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Tel: 04 3719 28 28/04 3719 3719

Website: or email

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