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Spratly flowers blossom in HCM City

January 4, 2013
  • By Tung Nguyen – Thao Tran | | November 04, 2012 07:44 AM

Barringtonia asiatica, a tree taken from Truong Sa, or Spratly Islands, are blossoming along HCM City’s Hoang Sa Street.

This specimen of arringtonia asiatica grows under Thi Nghe Bridge

According to HCM City’s Farmers Association, the tree is indigenous tropical coastal wetlands and island ecosystems, and is also endangered.

In addition, this species of tree is of great significance to Vietnamese people, as they represent a symbol of the disputed islands and of the soldiers encamped there.

The tree was a gift from Spratly to HCM City, and was planted ten years ago by former President Nguyen Minh Triet and HCM City’s Party Committee.

There are plans to grow more of these trees in HCM City along the newly-built Hoang Sa and Truong Sa streets.

Some pictures of the flowers produced from the tree

Spratly flowers blossom in HCM City

Trổ nụ
Flower buds
Đơm bông
Sau khi cánh nhụy rơi xuống...
Sau khi cánh nhụy rơi xuống...
... bàng vuông kết trái
From flowers to fruits
Cây bàng vuông Trường Sa trên đường Hoàng Sa chi chít trái
The tree on Hoang Sa Street is plentiful in fruit
Khi trái bàng vuông già...
Ripe fruits
... rụng xuống đất, sẽ ươm mầm một cây non mới.
New little tree
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