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September 3, 2012

Today we can see cinnamon hotel saigon on abeladelicatesse magazine

A recommendation from our delightfully cheery and helpful host Sony at the Cinnamon Hotel had us off the beaten back and headed for Cuc Gach Quan (“the brick house”) where we were overwhelmed by the enormous menu and deversified options for say, the simple cabbage. As with most place in Vietnam, nothing is too much trouble and our host was happy to assist in the decision-making process that would most likely have taken us the best part of the afternoon otherwise

Accommodation in Saigon is wide –ranging and the prices the same, but you are urged to avoid the global chains and check into a smaller affair, owned and run by Vietnamese locals like the one we found in a bustling street in District 1 for $60 a night including breakfast you can stay in the heart of Saigon and feel like you are part of the city rather than just a visitor. The Cinnamon Hotel and its wonderfully friendly staff provide a warm welcome, clean and contemporaty rooms with natural, environmentlly-considerrate elements like recycling bins in the rooms and recycled brown paper literature – and a towel artistically modelled into a different crature every day – today it is a squid! Following a relaxing foot massage by one of the hotel’s therapists and refreshing shower, there was no time to watse – I was feeling hungry again
Cinnamon hotel saigon on magazine


Cinnamon hotel saigon on magazine, Cinnamon hotel saigon on magazine


Contact:+971 2 666 8643


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